Monday, March 16, 2015


So, this week is Spring Break, and next week is my birthday. I thought about going someplace exotic by myself this week, but by the time I looked for plane tickets, prices were about double what I wanted to pay. So I'm having a staycation this week, and getting a start on celebrating my birthday. One of this week's goals is to try out different restaurants and cuisines I haven't had before. Another is to have lunch with some friends I haven't gotten to spend time with recently. And another is to get the perfect outfit for my birthday outing next week--going to a nice restaurant, then to an Itzhak Perlman concert. (He's a very famous violinist, and I'm a violinist and love hearing other people play, so it's pretty much the perfect gift.)

I got a bit of a start on the outing outfit Friday after work, and Saturday I started on the restaurants. The friend I met at Bowl of Pho (a Vietnamese restaurant) suggested I document all this week's gastronomic adventures, so I decided this was as good a place as any. So here are this week's adventures as I celebrate my birthday and vacation here at home!

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