Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest is Useful!

First, my apologies for not posting anything for the past three weeks.  But now...behold--Pinterest has actually proven to be useful in my life, not just a time-sucker!  I'd been looking for black, heeled mary janes (preferably with a bit of an oxford look) to replace mine that I've literally worn to death.  (I had them re-heeled, but now the rubber sole has a hole in it.  Sad.)  I wore them to work, I wore them salsa dancing, I wore them with dresses, and I wore them with jeans.  I had looked everywhere, but just couldn't find anything that I loved.  Then, earlier this week, I was goofing around on Pinterest, looking at someone's board full of shoes.  Suddenly, I saw these! When I clicked on them, expecting them to be something rather expensive, I discovered they were from Payless. 

Posted by Picasa you like my new shoes?

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