Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Script Scarf

I found the idea to make a scarf with writing on it on Pinterest, here.  I found scarves in different colors to suit different friends, then wrote on them with black and gray fabric pens.  I used different quotes, again to suit different friends.

Here, I wrote a Scripture passage with the gray pen, then wrote a key phrase over the top in black. 

The most difficult part was holding the fabric taut so it didn't shift while writing on it.  On the second scarf I used my ironing board as my writing surface, and the fabric of the ironing board cover was perfect for holding the fabric still!

I was somewhat disappointed in how it wound up looking all laid out, probably because I'm not that great at writing big, and the paint pens didn't seem terribly "paint-y."  However, all bunched up, like you typically wear scarves, it looks really cool.

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