Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFO To the Rescue!

My dad's side of the family always gets together on Christmas Eve for dinner and an ornament exchange, done White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Dirty Santa style. I'd gotten two beautiful little bird ornaments from World Market, only to drop one on a tile floor the day before Christmas Eve. Well, I'm not crazy enough to want to go shopping at that point in the season, but I did want to have more than just one tiny ornament.

UnFinished Object stash to the rescue! I had a few ornaments I'd started a few years ago but never finished, so I just finished one, and had a very nice replacement ornament at the last minute. I know it's now after Christmas, but in case any of you are ever in a similar situation, here's what you do.

1) Make yo-yos out of gold (or whatever color) lame' (foil) fabric. I did all these the hard way, but they now have yo-yo makers that make this part a lot easier.
2) Glue the yo-yos to a styrofoam ball. You may have to squish some of them to make them all fit nicely, but that's pretty easy to do.
3) Glue pearl beads to the center of each yo-yo, as well as to any spots where the styrofoam shows, such as the intersectionswhere three yo-yos come together.
4) Glue a ribbon hanger to the top.

That's it! I used hot glue for everything, so it was pretty quick to put together.

I'll post more about what I did over the Christmas holidays as I have the chance.
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