Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journey of a Thousand Steps

I know, I know, I'm a couple of months late for making a "goals" post. But I've been thinking about goals a lot over the past couple months. So here are some of my "Domestic Adventure" goals

1. Reduce my paper stash. I have quite a lot of papers, mostly bought for scrapbooking, but I haven't done any physical scrapbooking for the past couple years, and I doubt I'm likely to do much in the near future. I want to make cards, gifts, and whatever else I can to reduce the amount of paper I have and open that space up for other storage (or just neater storage of the things I already have).

2. Reduce my bead stash. I have several baggies made up with all the supplies I need to make specific projects. Some will take under an hour, while some will probably take me a few weeks. Right now, my bead storage boxes are full to bursting, so I need to finish the projects I've already separated out, and find things to do with some of the other beads I have. I may have to purchase some additional beads in order to do that, but I need to be sure that each project I do uses at least some beads from my stash.

3. Reduce my fabric stash. Again, just like with my beads, I have fabrics and patterns set aside for projects, and I need to finish them. I also need to find uses for other pieces of fabric I have, and perhaps even just get rid of some. I used to try to make quilts, so I would save even rather small bits of fabric, but I have come to accept the fact that I am not a quilter, and many of those little bits of fabric will never get used.

4. Begin packing healthy lunches. My diet definitely has been lacking in the fruits-and-veggies end of things, so I need to begin packing some lunches that involve those two food groups.

5. Stock the freezer over the summer. Again, if I have healthy things to grab from the freezer on no-time-to-cook days, I'm less likely to go the pita-and-hummus or peanut-butter-on-a-tortilla route for supper.

6. Put some bushes and perennials into my landscape. I have planted things over the last few years, but many of them have died due to lack of water during our hot Florida summers. Last summer I finally had a well dug and an irrigation system put in, so I don't have to pay through the nose to have green grass. Now that I can actually keep plants alive over the summer, I'd like to do some actual landscaping! I have a Pinterest board that's quickly filling up with plant ideas, and firepit ideas, and ways to incorporate vegetable gardening into the general landscape. So let's do this!


  1. Hi Breana, I'm hoping to make a scrappy quilt this summer, so if you're thinking of getting rid of fabric scraps, bring them over to my place. :)